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Structural Integration

Barbara is currently enrolled at Structural Integrations studying the Rolf Method of Structural Integration.

Developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf in the 1940’s, Structural Integration is a type of body work that organizes a person’s structure in the field of gravity by working with the facial system. Through a process of 10 one-hour sessions of deep tissue manipulation the fascia is lengthened, stretched, moved, and lubricated. This allows the body to be guided back to its original centerline by releasing the fascial holds. By realigning the body by releasing the tight collagen-based fascia, the Structural Integrator hopes to address health problems which can range from muscle pain to depression. Other benefits of Structural Integration include pain relief from the following (but are not limited to)poor posture, lower back pain, neck pain and shoulder stiffness, head pain, headaches and migraines, arm and hand pain, hip and pelvic pain, and leg, knee, ankle and foot pain. One can experience increased energy, improved posture, increase in height, better grace and poise, improved sense of balance, deeper breath, better sense of well-being, better physical fitness, greater range of motion, and a more flexible body along with many more benefits.

Most people give little thought as to how gravity affects their bodies. When there is a deviation of our alignment the force of gravity will continue to intensify the incorrect posture. When you combine this with the effects of surgical scars, the trauma of vehicle accidents or any type of injury/stress (physical, mental or emotional) it compounds the problem leading us into compensatory movement and static holding patterns. It creates a vicious circle: poor posture creates pain and compensatory movement patterns which in turn creates bad posture. This causes pain in distant parts of the body. We commonly say wherever the pain is look elsewhere for the cause.

Fascia is a type of tissue much like a spider web type of saran wrap that envelops every aspect of the body. Its webbing surrounds and positions all elements of the body such as muscle, bone, skin, nerves, organs and vessels.

This work is more than just good posture. It is more than making yourself stand or move in a certain manner. Sure you could make yourself stand a certain way but you will have to force your body to do so and compensate into other areas of the body. This cannot be maintained for long as it causes too much muscle fatigue and as soon as you take your mind off it you will be back in your old movement patterns again. By going through the sessions we will free all of the stuck and bound down tissue, balance it and teach you how to use your newly structured body correctly so you can move and live in your body effortless and freely. Movement may then again feel natural to you with less force and fatigue.

There are many types of massage that loosen tight tissue, reduce stress, detoxify the body and increase awareness and well-being. These effects are also achieved by Structural Integration, but then taken one step further. By working and balancing the body’s deeper fascial layers in a three dimensional aspect, the body maintains the results of a pain free, light and easy-to-use structure. The next difference is that along with getting a new balanced structure you will learn how to use it more effectively. You will be taught how to stand and walk correctly among other movements and static positions.