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“I have a spinal fusion that I can’t imagine not having Pilates in my life to help deal with my pain management. Also, a late bloomer having two babies after age 35 I was able to do Pilates with both pregnancies, & had a speedy recovery because of keeping Pilates in my work out routine. Now with two toddlers under 3 yrs of age, & close to 40 yrs old/career mom I’m back to weight I was over 10 years ago. Pilates helps me in normal daily routines , & has kept my spine healthy for life!”
— Sarah

“I was in a horrible auto accident in 2003. Began Pilates with Barbara and her wonderful staff in 2005. I believe in this studio! Through Barbara’s superb expertise in not only Pilates, but the many other services her studio offers, I can walk with very little – if any discomfort! We are truly fortunate to have such a premier quality studio of this nature in our area.”
— Traci

“Beth and Barbara have once again helped restore me to strong, pain free living. They are so knowledgable and caring. Their new studio is convenient….a happy and healing place!”
— Heidi